Gaspereau Maple Wine 375 ml

Gaspereau Vineyards


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Our Maple Wine is made from maple syrup collected from trees in the vast maple forests of Nova Scotia. The maple “juice” is carefully cool fermented until the desired concentration of residual sugars is reached. Our award-winning Maple Wine is a Quality Certified dessert wine by the national certifying body, Fruit Wines of Canada.

Unmistakable aromas of Maple syrup which mingle notes of wood smoke , brown sugar, beeswax and vanilla, giving an equally individual rich sweet distinct flavour balanced by enough acidity to give a clean defined finish.
A unique full-bodied dessert style wine with an inviting maple and butter toffee nose, a supple mouthfeel and balanced sweetness on the finish.
This delicious wine captures the exquisite flavour and character of maple and complements many fine desserts, makes a perfect glaze for salmon or can be savoured on its own.
Vin d’érable, 100% Maple

12% ABV

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