Benjamin Bridge Pet Nat Sparkling 250 ml can

Benjamin Bridge


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A pétillant naturel is made by the méthode ancestrale, meaning this artisanal wine is bottled prior to completing its fermentation. The presence of natural sugars and wild yeast in the grape must results in a natural, unfiltered, lightly sparkling wine in each bottle, or, in this case, Canada's first pet nat cans!

A special note from head winemaker, Jean-Benoit Deslauriers on this innovative and uncharted winemaking:

"I hope you enjoy the latest release in our 20-year pursuit of natural wine and sustainable practices. We’ve crafted it with no additions or sulphites of any kind (total SO2 of less than 5 ppm), and a wild fermentation finishes inside every can. Unfiltered, with thirst-quenching citrus notes in a feather-light, unbreakable 250-ml can, this is the perfect wine for your summer adventures."

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