Below the Salt Distillery Rhumb Line 750 ml

Below the Salt Distillery


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From the Distiller:

Good rum is never created in a hurry.
It was our goal at the outset to be known for our specialty rums.
From passing more than a fortnight in the fermenter, to percolating slowly through our custom Adams Patent double retort, everything we do from start to finish is designed to enhance flavour.
This is our second rum release - it follows our unfiltered L’Ardois JaQ marc de canne. Using our leapfrog solera technique, we enhance our earlier rum’s flavours further with American and French oak.

TASTING NOTES: Tropical fruit and sugary rum on the nose.
And is that some form of funk?
Spicy, complex flavour on the palate. Smooth mouth feel leading to woody caramel and a lovely oak finish with hints of chocolate and spice.
A smooth sipper, savour it all on its own or in your favourite rum cocktails.

Rhumb Line is our amber rum aged using the Solera Method.

Made from scratch with organic sugar crystal from Central and South America, distilled in an our Adams Patent still it is smooth, fruity, and has a lingering cocoa finish.

750 ml

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