Benjamin Bridge Super Nova 7 Cocktail 200 ml

Benjamin Bridge


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The Nova 7 family is growing with the addition of a spirited new member!

Showcasing the signature qualities and aromatics of Nova Scotia's favourite wine, the Super Nova 7 Cocktail is a new ready-to-pour craft wine cocktail made from a blend of Nova 7, local vodka and natural berry extracts. The result? A vibrant and harmonious mix that boasts an electric rose hue with bright lilac reflections accompanying flavours of key lime and green mango. Simply chill well, and serve!

In the glass, an electric rose hue with bright lilac reflections. On the nose, hints of guava and lychee are complicated by sweet floral undertones. On the palate, warmth and intensity have a rendezvous with electric vibrancy, while suggestions of key lime and icy green mango echo on a broad and lengthy finish.

200 ml bottle

15% ABV

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