Ironworks Gift Boxed Rum Boat Rum 500 ml

Ironworks Distillery


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A blend of four barrels of rum, all fermented and distilled in Lunenburg and aged both on land at the distillery and at sea on Ironworks' floating boat warehouse, "Black Beauty". The barrels hold rum that varies in age - from two to five years - and the blend is well balanced and appealing. This is a lively spirit, tasting of warm fig and vanilla and the spiciness of oak, with great depth and complexity of flavours and a completely natural medium amber colour.

Rum Boat Rum just jumped up a few notches with the new wooden boxes designed for it. Handmade NS pine, etched with original art from the label design and graphics from the boatbuilders' schematics with the story of the evolution of Rum Boat Rum tucked inside. One of a kind.
Price includes 500 ml bottle of Rum Boat Rum plus the handcrafted pine box

500 ml

45% ABV

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