North Brewing Saison de Chardonnay 750 ml

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Saison de Chardonnay: It comes in a 750ml, naturally carbonated bottle. This beer is fermented with the addition of Chardonnay grape juice at Benjamin Bridge winery in the Annapolis Valley. It was brewed last fall, and conditioned in a tank for the winter. North Brewing bottled the beer in May and it is now ready for release!

The beer is 7.5% ABV, has a medium-dry body from the extended fermentation and conditioning time, and is slightly more carbonated than our usual beers to accentuate the mouth feel and aroma of the blended fermentation. Noble hops give it a lightly grassy aroma, and the grapes impart tropical notes of lime zest and tangerine. The beer should be chilled upright in the customer's fridge for at least 24 hours before opening, and then poured carefully into a glass to leave the sediment from the yeast in the bottom of the bottle.

750 ml

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