Below the Salt Distillery Spruce Tip Gin 750 ml

Below the Salt Distillery


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From the Distiller:

Was Spruce the conifer called ANNEDDA  or "tree of life / arbre de vie" that cured Jacques Cartier's crew in 1536? 

We may never know for sure. We do know that their miraculous recovery is the first documented use of indigenous medicine found to date.


At Below The Salt, nothing says Spring quite like the fragrant buds bursting forth on the spruce trees found everywhere on Unama'ki Cape Breton Island.

Lemony and packed full of Vitamin C, this gin infused with locally foraged spruce tips is the perfect antidote to a long cold winter. 

Organic, Vegan and made from the finest Nova Scotian floor malt sprouted the old-fashioned way at Horton Ridge in the Annapolis Valley and organic Central American cane sugar.

750 ml

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