Domaine de Grand Pre Castel 750 ml

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Tasting Notes:
Rich, dense, and deeply pigmented, this wine offers inviting herbaceous aromas of caraway and black pepper. A wine of distinction, it features an expressive nose, complex full-body, and a balanced palate of ripe fruit and integrated tannins.

Pairing Suggestions:
This full-bodied red is especially well suited to grilled beef, game meats, caramelized onions, roasted root vegetables, or umami-rich foods like mushrooms.

Technical Information:
RS: 0 g/L TA: 7.89 g/L pH: 3.4

Alc/Vol: 12%

Winemaker’s Notes:
Pierre Castel bred this variety in France by crossing Cinsault with a native North American variety from the Vitis rupestris family. Castel ripens early to mid-season, which allows for a fuller-bodied red wine often thought to be difficult to achieve in our climate. This proved especially true given 2019 was a cooler year.

The wine is matured for a short time in oak, which adds to and complements the grape’s spice-forward nature. It also adds additional tannin and structure which provides more ageing potential.

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