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Mercator Vineyards is a 40-acre site, situated on a bluff directly overlooking the Acadian Dykelands. It is influenced by the nearby Minas Basin, with its rising and falling tides. Immense volumes of relatively cold water move in and out of the Basin on a daily basis, bringing with it cool breezes that help keep Mercator's vineyards cool, our grapes healthy and to help in the retention of aromatics and acidity that develop in the grapes throughout the growing season.

2021 Upper Ridge Marquette:

Upper Ridge Marquette is an elegant red wine made from 100% Marquette grapes and expresses notes of black cherry, anise and integrated oak with chocolate notes and hints of earthiness on the nose. It has obvious freshness yet exhibits a depth of flavour that only optimally-timed aging in mature oak barrels can provide. This wine has a style that is reminiscent of old world Pinot Noir.

Mercator Vineyards Red Nova Scotia 750 mL 
Upper Ridge Marquette is a complex, soft, dark, generously tannined, red wine made in the Italian Passito tradition.
Unimposing, this red has an ideal weight, freshness and structure that make it both elegant and extremely versatile. There is a persistent black cherry note on the palate, combined with vanilla and hints of leather that is balanced with a moderate tannin expression. The palate expresses a finesse that is often found in old world Pinot Noir.
Upper Ridge Marquette is an ideal pairing for lightly seared tuna, salmon, roasted chicken or BBQ pork.
This wine has a weight and texture that is extremely refreshing in world of high alcohol, heavily extracted and in your face reds. The Upper Ridge area of Mercator Vineyards is the perfect location, with ideal soil and temperatures, for this exceptional Marquette to thrive.

750 ml

12.5% ABV

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