Annapolis Brewing Assorted Dark Beers 4 pack

Annapolis Brewing


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4 x 473 ml cans

Assortment of Amber, Brown, Porter and Stout for those who like their beers on the nutty, malty side with low hops profile.

King George Porter is named after King George the Third and King George's War (1744-1748) where four attempts were made to retake the capital of Acadia. Our Porter blends siz rich malts giving our beer a nutty, smokey and chocolatey coffee finish. Pairs well with richer foods and good company.
5.5% ABV | 33 IBU

Good Will Amber Ale is named after the 25 cent air tour one could take from the Annapolis Royal airstrip founded in 1933. The airstrip is long gone but the view from the air is still exhilarating. Good Will Amber Ale is all about the malts. Malt forward with notes of caramel and nutty spice. A nice blend of spicy American hops are present yet not overpowering which allows the malty sweetness to shine through.
5.3% ABV | 36 IBU

Acadian Honey Brown Ale is named for L'Acadie and its deep-rooted Nova Scotian culture. This blend of roasted and honey malt and real honey makes for a medium-bodied brown ale with nutty notes and a hint of sweetness. It is like an Acadian kitchen party in a glass.                                                         5.7% ABV | 20 IBU

Court House Vanilla Stout is named after one of the oldest courthouses in Canada. Built in 1837, the Court House in Annapolis Royal is still active and the judgement is in. A fine balance of dark roasted malt, hops, coffee, and vanilla. A creamy mouthfeel with subtle coffee and vanilla notes from start to finish.

6.3%ABV | 40 IBU

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