Domaine de Grand Conversation Water 750 ml

Grand Pre Wines


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Tasting Notes:
Intense flavours and aromas of grapefruit and peach
with hints of candied lime and honey.

Pairing Suggestions:
The perfect conversation started. Enjoy chilled among friends or starting a conversation with someone new.
Pair with fruits, soft cheese and desserts or enjoy on its own at your next gathering.

Conversation Water is a light, refreshing white wine blend, crafted from mainly Vidal grapes and is entirely Nova Scotian. Perfect for friends and family gatherings, sharing stories or a laugh. This low-alcohol, lively effervescent, freshly acidic and sweetly balanced wine makes for the perfect conversation starter for any occasion.

Technical Information:
Harvest Location: Melanson Vineyard
RS: 78g/L TA: 10.07g/L pH: 3.08 Alc/Vol: 7.5%

750 ml

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