Glen Breton Fiddler's Choice Whisky 750 ml

Glenora Distillers


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Inspired by the late John MacDougall, the Fiddler's Choice is a Single Malt Whisky named in honour of an Inverness fiddler who played at the Glenora Inn & Distillery restaurant on the west side of Cape Breton Island for years and composed thousands of fiddle tunes before his death in 2008. 

The whisky has been barrel aged for six years and boasts a light golden colour to liquid and to its taste. The flavour of the whisky can be attributed to using aged bourbon barrels while using local pure spring water from MacLellans Brook in the Mabou Highlands of Cape Breton  

Fiddler’s Choice has a nutty and apple nose, with the taste hinting of apple, hazelnut and maple. Much like John MacDougall, the whisky is meant to be fun, lively, and best surrounded by good company. 

750 ml

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