Glen Breton Gleann Dubh 16 Year Aged Peated Whisky, 750 ml

Glenora Distillers


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2023 Silver Medal Winner| Canadian Whisky Awards
"Gleann Dubh" is Gaelic for "The Dark Glen"

By definition, a "glen" is a small valley. As it turns out, although it originally referred to glens in Scotland and Ireland, today the term is applied to any valley, wherever it may be found, such as in the Highlands of Cape Breton.

Inevitably, Glenora became subject to a lawsuit over its right to use the word "Glen" in a trademark for its brand name. The battle was fought all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, and when the smoke cleared it was Glenora that emerged victorious.

To match a growing reputation as the "black sheep" of the whisky world, a whisky with a darker expression was essential. So was born "The Dark Glen." Gleann Dubh is ours and this Glen is definitely dark and is a peated whisky. Enjoy "The Dark Glen."

750 ml

43% ABV

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