Glen Breton Rare Whisky 21 Year 750 ml

Glenora Distillers


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The Glen Breton 21 Year Single Malt Whisky exemplifies the pinnacle of whisky craftsmanship. The aroma of smoke gently wafts from each bottle, mingling with the rich scent of oak spice, inviting a taste of its well-aged complexity.

In every bar where it resides, the Glen Breton 21 Year holds a place of honour. It is the preferred choice for those special moments with friends and family, offering a luxurious experience that encourages sharing and enjoyment. This whisky is not just a beverage, but a symbol of hospitality and a testament to the finer things in life.

For those looking to savour this exquisite single malt, it is readily available at select local bottle shops and for convenience, online at The Glen Breton 21 Year Single Malt Whisky is more than just a drink; it's an embodiment of tradition and a celebration of the art of whisky making, inviting you to partake in its storied legacy.

On the Nose:
Gentle wafts of smoke
Rich oak spice aroma

On the Palate:
Complex, well-aged flavours
Luxurious and inviting

The Finish:
Lasting, embodying tradition
Celebratory, echoing the art of whisky making

750 ml

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