Luckett Rockrose Rosé Spritzer 250 ml can

Luckett Vineyards


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Rockrose Rosé Spritzer is an off-dry, light pink wine, delicately fruity with
great balance. Its subtle effervescence accentuates notes of Annapolis Valley
strawberry and watermelon for a light yet flavorful, fruity finish.
Lower alcohol wine beverage option at 5%/alc/vol; 83 calories/250ml;
5 carbs/250ml; RS 2.8g/250ml
Serve chilled and perfect to pair with summer salads, haddock or bruschetta.

GRAPES: Leon Millot, Osceola Muscat
AROMATICS: Clean, watermelon and raspberry
TASTE: Crisp, light with a refreshing spritz. Notes of strawberry & watermelon
TREATMENT: 100% stainless-steel fermentation and blended in our Charmat
tank with sparkling water, the canning occurs at 1˚C to retain as much dissolved
CO2 as possible, with final pressure adjusted to approximately 2 bars
AGING: Drink now and enjoy!

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