Sourwood Cider Blueberry Pet Nat Cider 750 ml

Sourwood Cider


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Wow, now this is a blueberry wine!

A savoury and herbaceous pet-nat made from 100% wild Nova Scotian blueberries.

Sourced from the north shore, these berries are sprayfree! Traditionally, blueberry fields were periodically burned to keep down competition - we have even found little bits of burnt fruit wood from the past.

The acid profile is familiar from all your other famous blueberry treats and specialties. This wine was packaged young and left to mature in the bottle for 1 year. It's super juicy, bold, and can stand up on its own when pairing with anything grilled or with weight.

Blue-Nat is a little sibling to big bold wines, with a 5.7% Alc. / Vol.

750 ml

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