Tanner & Co Brewing Assorted 4 pack cans

Tanner & Co Brewing


  • Tanner & Co Brewing Assorted 4 pack cans
  • Tanner & Co Brewing Assorted 4 pack cans

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We are pleased to offer a mixed fresh seasonal 4 pack from Tanner & Co Brewing in Chester Basin.

From the brewmaster:

"We’ve chosen Traditionally Different to be both our slogan & our mission.  We will produce a line of recipes traditional to style, much of them traditional German recipes paying homage to my surname and relatives who were some of the first to settle here on the south shore. Our main beer to be produced is a lightly hopped pale ale, as well as our lighter Dampfbier & darker Roggenbier. 

The second part of our slogan/mission is Different, referring to my culinary roots and need to be constantly creating and changing.  We’ll be doing different beers & experimenting with this line, like our Cabernet Franc Stout or Chardonnay Hefeweizen that we produced last year with grapes grown in our onsite vineyard, or the almost 2 year old aged stout that we’ve been tasting along its ageing journey in the cellar & other playing with hops & yeasts to create beers that mimic some of my favourite wines in both aromas & flavours."

4 x 473 ml cans

ABV Assorted

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