Wild Cider Tiny Bubs Sparkling Dry Cider 750 ml

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Tiny Bubs is a dry, naturally sparkling cider.

Deliciously creamy texture, bright fruit acid with fresh sliced apple and blossom aromas to the nose and taste buds.

Ways to enjoy it: Serve well chilled as a pre-meal beverage or try it with lightly seasoned white ocean fish, steamed mussels, shrimp, roast chicken or greens dressed with a non-vinegar dressing.

This cider is also made to be consumed on its own, with friends anytime, anywhere.

From the Cidery:

To make Tiny Bubs, we created a blend from lightly aromatic apple ciders which were then bottle fermented and aged on lees for 24 months. We hand-disgorged it over this past winter to make a crystal clear liquid.

750mL bottle

8.0% ABV

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