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. The warmer, solar growing season produced a Geisenheim reaching superlative fragrance and texture, seamlessly conveyed by this low-intervention wine.

Pétillant Naturel is the ancestor of all sparkling wines, and most importantly, the sparkling style that is by far the least manipulated. It simply consists of a wild fermented wine with nothing added (including no sulphites), then bottled prior to completing its primary alcoholic fermentation. Thanks to a small amount of natural sugars and the wild yeast from the grapes present, the fermentation finishes inside every bottle.
The result is a raw and living wine that is perceptibly cloudy and hazy when poured. This cloudiness comes from fermentation sediments and is a desirable validation of this natural style, and serving as a testament to the absence of unnecessary processing interventions.

“In the glass, a hazy golden colour with a flaxen hue. On the nose, hints of orange confit and kafir lime are complicated by mineral notes of crushed rocks. The palate is airy; a weightless wine once again channeling fresh suggestions of lemon zest
and grapefruit oil. More exotic and tropical notes emerge on a persistent finish.”

Varietals: 100% Geisenheim
Alcohol: 10.0%
RS: 0 g/L
Brix (avg. at harvest): 18°
Service Temperature: 3°C

Sulphite free, gluten-free & vegan friendly zero r/s

750 ml

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