Domaine de Grand Conversation Water 750 ml

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Tasting Notes:
Intense flavours and aromas of grapefruit and peach
with hints of candied lime and honey.

Pairing Suggestions:
The perfect conversation started. Enjoy chilled among friends or starting a conversation with someone new.
Pair with fruits, soft cheese and desserts or enjoy on its own at your next gathering.

Conversation Water is a light, refreshing white wine blend, crafted from mainly Vidal grapes and is entirely Nova Scotian. Perfect for friends and family gatherings, sharing stories or a laugh. This low-alcohol, lively effervescent, freshly acidic and sweetly balanced wine makes for the perfect conversation starter for any occasion.

Low-alcohol  (7.5%) mainly Vidal Blanc grape blend, fairly sweet (20g/L) and lightly effervescent. Lots of intense grapefruit and peach flavours, finishes with candied lime, and good balanced acidity! It is an ideal sipper and great for the patio days of summer!

Alc/Vol: 7.5%

750 ml

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