Gaspereau Muscat 750 ml

Gaspereau Vineyards


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New York Muscat, Nova Scotia’s most aromatic grape variety was used to make this intensely aromatic and slightly copper-in-colour wine. The skins are purple but the flesh and the juice inside is clear. To extract as much of the aromatics as possible from the skins (where most of the aromatics in the grape variety concentrate), we employ a cold mace ration or cold soak of the skins, seeds and juice. What this does is allows the aromatics to move from the skins to the juice, also giving the wine its copper/pin colour.
The nose of the finished wine shows intense tropical aromas of lychee fruit, rose petal and an exotic spice blend. Despite the illusion of sweetness displayed by the nose, this wine finishes dry.
Muscat is the perfect partner for dishes that express a equally intense
aromatic character such as curry dishes, crab cakes and shellfish. Or try our personal favourite: mussels steamed in Muscat with onions, peppercorns and garlic. It's amazing to taste hints of the beautiful Muscat profile in the mussels and to sip a glass of Muscat along with it

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