Lightfoot & Wolfville Tidal Bay 750ml

Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards


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At the heart of every great wine region is an emblematic style that helps define what the region does best. Nova Scotia is blessed with an incredibly unique, coastal-influenced, cool-climate terroir that imparts a distinctive freshness and vibrancy in our wines. To showcase this, an official appellation – “Tidal Bay” – was created in 2012. The structure of this system is based on well-established European appellations, such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Vinho Verde, Soave, and Chianti, designed to help protect and promote the quality regional wines they represent. Strict viticultural and winemaking standards are regulated by an independent tasting panel.

While each blend is Certified organic by Ecocert Canada, our Tidal Bay blend
is sourced from four beautiful organic Annapolis Valley vineyards. Including our two estate sites (the Lightfoot Home Farm in Wolfville and the Oak Island Vineyard in
Avonport), and two of our growing partner vineyards (the Neatt Family Vineyard in Aylesford and Raven Hill Vineyard in Wolfville). Our Tidal Bay blend is fermented in
100% stainless steel to preserve natural freshness and aromatic purity.

750 ML

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